Monday, January 14, 2008

Good Monday Morning

My poor baby girl has been sick for two days. Her little cheeks are so rosy, and she has been laying down relaxing, with an assortment of popsicles and lots of Sprite. I'm so hoping that my other kids don't catch it, as my oldest is going to Minnesota this weekend for a musical weekend, that he is so looking forward to. Vitamin C cocktails all around!

This is my second week at work, and I am loving it, but it does get sticky wehn the kids are sick, I am wishing that I was able to be home with my girl, but it is only for four hours, and my mom (who is a Nurse) is taking good care of her.

I'll be back to post some of the lovelies that I found on my wonderful day shopping! We are putting our house on the market on January 28, so guess buying more stuff should be put on hold for now (easier said than done)

My daughter, even though she is sick, is chomping at the bit to get at the art table, so tonight if her fever is gone, we will go into the studio and she can dig into the paper and paint that she loves so much...she is a cupcake girl, a girl after my own heart :D :D

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Going through Glitter Withdrawal

Tomorrow is going to be a most extraordinary and wonderful day. I am going thrifting, to my three favorite, never know what you're going to find, stores, hitting Borders, and the cherry on top will be Hobby Lobby. Sounds like heaven to me :) The only thing that could make it even better would be having a yummy Starbucks Latte to go with it....(insert Homer Simpson voice...mmmmmm....latte...)

This past evening was spent looking around blogland, really enjoying each site, instead of rushing through. There is just so much beauty and talent. It is mezmerizing, and almost perplexing that the internet gives us access to all of this, where our parents would have really had to search and dig through magazines, or word of mouth, to find other artists with similar interests. Truly we are very lucky! Such a wonderful art community, such beauty, and right at our nice!

Don't forget to check out Pfatt Marketplace today, as Sandy is updating, lots of fabulous goodies just a click away...

***Happiest of Thursdays to one and all***

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone is recovered from the festive season. I absolutely love it, but am so glad that it's over. We had way too many parties, and all of them at our house, and my birthday is three days after Christmas. My birthday wish this year was a day of relaxing LOL and I did get it :)

This is a really wonderful new year for me. This last year I have had my first Art Shows, lost 83 lbs, gained a lot of confidence, and met the most fantastic artists, both online and IRL.

Now I have started a new job, which I absolutely love, and am so excited about making lots of new art this year. We are hoping to get our house on the market soon, and move to a larger home in a better school district, where I will set up a permanent studio. I am always afraid to hope for things, and have too many good things happen at once ( I am a total believer in what comes up, must come down) but knock on wood, this just may be a wonderful year :D :D