Friday, January 26, 2007

Have to get used to this blogging thing!

I used to belong to Xanga, and I knew my way around there, but now I have to learn all over again! Once I figure out how to find people and to read their blogs, I hope its a nice comfy place.

Things are hectic around here. My youngest dd is still in preK which means 3 days a week she goes to school. The other three boys are in school full time, but its hard trying to create anything in two hours, and then have to put it all away again. My studio is in my garage, and I miss it!! It is just too cold to be out there. I tried to brave it out there last week, but like the true brainiac that I am (snort) I was doing papier mache. Wet hands and cold weather sure don't mix. Who knew? ;)