Friday, February 29, 2008

The one where I lock myself inside!

I'm off today and I am secretly lifting my no art ban!! I am dying to make something, and as long as I get it all swept up and put away before the real estate agent comes over...its our little secret *wink wink* Now don't rat me out, please!

I went to my favorite thrift store last night, they are open until 9 on Thursdays, and got these fantastic baubles, only 75c for the whole bag! They have what they call a junk drawer, and its only avaliable on Thursday evenings, it was such fun to look through...

I found these little cuties too, and plan to put them to good use.

So today I will not answer the phone, I'm locking my doors, I'm pulling out the glitter, and having a ball. Funny how when you do something everyday, you tend to take it for granted, and then when you don't get to do it for a week or two, you realize how important it is ("you" meaning "me" and "it" meaning "art")

Last but not Cupcake Girl :D :D :D Annalise