Friday, January 26, 2007

Have to get used to this blogging thing!

I used to belong to Xanga, and I knew my way around there, but now I have to learn all over again! Once I figure out how to find people and to read their blogs, I hope its a nice comfy place.

Things are hectic around here. My youngest dd is still in preK which means 3 days a week she goes to school. The other three boys are in school full time, but its hard trying to create anything in two hours, and then have to put it all away again. My studio is in my garage, and I miss it!! It is just too cold to be out there. I tried to brave it out there last week, but like the true brainiac that I am (snort) I was doing papier mache. Wet hands and cold weather sure don't mix. Who knew? ;)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Well here I am! I just put some of my creations in my first ever online store (Etsy). I love making anything partyish and festive. Frosting, confetti, streamers, and lots of it, and the floofier, the better. Add in some glitter, and I'm over the moon ~~@~~

I've been an artist forever, but since I had kids I have just been doing portraits at Christmastime, and teaching a few children's art classes in my home. Next year, the youngest goes off to Kindergarten. I have waited so long for this, I want to create, spend time in my studio, and just enjoy making things. I don't want riches or fame (well, I guess I could be persuaded) but to be able to do what I love and stay afloat would be bliss. My friend Donna and I have been working on some stuff, that we hope to get out into some kind of market by or before September. I think she is of the same frame of mind too, about the rich and famous thing, LOL. It would be just so lovely to have a business though, that was created from a passion, and not just about money.

Can't wait to look around here!