Saturday, October 6, 2007

The one where I exhibit ADHD

LOL I think many artists have just a touch of ADHD, I know that when I get overwhelmed, creating and being Mommy and Wife and Daughter, my poor little brain goes into overdrive. I always feel like no matter what I'm doing, I'm putting off doing something else that's more pressing.

Working on my art? Isn't there a Science Project due?

Making a nice dinner (with real potatoes instead of instant, LOL) Shouldn't I be washing uniforms?

Hosting the 9000th birthday party of the year in my kitchen? The kids all need to have a bath and be in bed in 45 minutes

I wonder what I'd do with myself if I didn't have 30 things to focus on...I'd probably sit and worry about what the heck I should do, and then end up doing nothing *giggle*

Anyhoo, I haven't been here in a week, I have missed out on so much goodness, yummy pictures, gorgeous artwork, I can't wait to visit everyone's blogs! I've been so busy creating for my show, and trying to get everything ready, butI've got my orders shipped out, my auction item is gone, and now I'm here :)


Lovely Lucy from Sweet Repeats has given me the Nice Matters Award (sniffle) That was just lovely, Lucy has a gorgeous blog, her mixed media pieces are so spectacular, and she is a darling as well. Thanks hunny!!

In return, I tag LIZ, whose enchanting tutus, twirl skirts (OMG her twirl skirts) and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS purses make me so happy, and who is also having sweet baby #4! Brave girl!
I also tag SHANNON who is my darling friend, love her goodies, her cakes, her shabby chic style, she is just a love! Next we have TOOTIE She was the first person that I commented to in blogland, and the first to comment to me. She does just beautiful work, and is a great girl!

I was also tagged by Monica to do the Seven Random Things about me Here goes nothing!

1. I started dating my husband when I was 16
2. I love to sing, and act and dance!! I even keep karaoke CD's in my car
so that when I'm alone, I can sing!

3. I took improv at Second City (where all of my childhood idols started out) with
my Aunt Edie and cousin Lisa a couple of years ago. I have never had so much
fun in my life!
4. I have had Gastric Bypass surgery
5. I have HUGE feet, I wear a size 10, sometimes an 11!
6. I would rather make art than go out on the town!
7. My husband warns my kids not to stand still too long, "Or Mom will end up
painting you." LOL

OK, I tag my buds Michelle Legler, Mary Timme, Shelley , Laura and Aleta I always love reading what these awesome ladies have to say, and I look up to all of them.

Lots of pictures soming up, I've made 12 ATC's, a few dozen altered vintage ornaments, a few new cupcake pieces... Lots of random thoughts in this post!