Tuesday, June 19, 2007

OK Swap Pictures!

These aren't the best photos, but they were quick, and I really want to get them in the post tomorrow. I love swaps, they are better than Christmas, because suprises are so much fun. Thank you so much, Holly Doodle for hosting the Tiara Swap!! I made this for Michelle, and I hope she likes it.

Also, thanks so much to Debra from HipHopJingleBoo for hosting such a fun swap, I had a blast making the bunny for my sweet partner Shelley (Shelley Sweet & Shabby under Awesome blogs over there) Shelley has a very cute blog, and she owns a store with her daughter!! How cool is that!

Working today :)

Putting the finishing touches on my Bunny swap, and Tiara so I can get them in the mail tomorrow, lots of sparkles and paint equals the kind of day I love!! I'm having surgery on Thursday (nothing life threatening)and I will be there until Saturday. I'm sorry I haven't been to any blogs in a couple of days, I'm trying to get the house ready for the hubby while he's in charge (LOL!) Funny, he's cancelled the cable, and hid the Playstation for the Summer, wonder if both will magically reappear while he's home with all four kiddos (LOL!)