Monday, April 23, 2007

Filth flarn flarn, Filth

I was going to attribute that statement to Bill Cosby, but I think it was actually Eddie Murphy doing an impression of Bill Cosby LOL

Anyway that's what my house was the last couple of days. I was really sick with some kind of flu, and in those two days, my house took on a life of its own. The dust bunnies must be more like dust rabbits, because they multiplied. The pile of dishes in the sink seemed to have hit puberty, it just grew and matured over night. Seems like just yesterday that it was just a tiny pile of cups *sniffle*

I was really suprised that they all weren't naked and starving when I was able to get moving again. Funny how no one notices how much you do until you don't do it ;D

I wanted to post some pictures of my new stuff, but I am having camera problems (again!!) so here are a couple of my kids bedrooms. My daughter, the baby and only girl, had to have a princess room. She has stuck wallies stickers over parts of it now, but this is the basic idea:

My son Brendan's room was a Harry Potter theme. We did it about 5 years ago, and its Liam's room now, and he would like to change it to a skateboard room. This is the closet

Have a great day all, make sure to pop over and see Lori at the Faerie Window (side bar under awesome blogs) she's having an amazingly adorable and cute giveaway!