Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday already!

I can't believe how much the time flies when my kiddos are at school. I have all of these fantastic ideas floating around in my head, and I should have so much time to turn them into reality...but the real reality is, that it just zooms by!

Sometimes when I sit down to create, and I have many ideas in mind, I spend so much time deciding where to begin, that I do everything but begin :)

Today for instance,while pondering which project to start, I ended up washing the kitchen floor, cleaning my countertops, washing the tabletop...straightening up the living room (all good projects of course, but not very artistic) I did finally get down to business, but not with as much time as I would have liked. Tomorrow will be better ;) I've made a list of the things that need to be created, and I'm sticking to it this time (hopefully!)

Now in my Etsy:

I made this cute little banner yesterday, I'm so deeply into Christmas that poor Halloween is getting sidetracked.

I recieved a lovely package today from Shannon's (Paint mine Pink) Cotton N Candy swap, my partner was Sonya (from Love of Yellow Roses) and she spoiled me so! She sent me such an assortment of goodies, from Cotton Candy body wash (YUM!) to my favorite mouthwatering Swedish Fish, and everything in between. The cutest tissues that you ever saw, yummy fruity candy sticks, and jawbreakers of fantastic colors. The best was the adorable hanky tussie, full of pastel colored saltwater taffy. My kids were THRILLED with this swap, as was I! Thanks so much, Sonya!!