Friday, November 30, 2007

The one where the swap goodies are!!

Where to begin?! Well, the goodies pictured above are from the lovely and talented Jenelle, of the Sleepy Hollow Craft Company. Jenelle was my partner in Monica's Deck the Halls Swap, and I couldn't have had a better partner! Not only is everything just wonderful, it was also early!! The pictures are not the best quality, because while I am able to post pictures again (YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!) I accidentally deleted my Photoshop (DUH!) so I need to reinstall it. For now though, I was just so happy to be able to post, that I wanted to share the treasures that I recieved from Jenelle.

My goodies for Jenelle are nearly done, and they will go out on the first, and I will post some pics of them as soon as they are mailed out :)

Science Fair is over as of yesterday, shark report is handed in, Cub Scouts Ceremony is over, and I really need to take some pictures of my Christmas goodies and post, I swear I have been going through blog withdrawal!

In more good news...hey, did anyone know that there are USB ports on the back of your computer? Neither did I!! All of this unable to print, Science Fair woes, printing at my Aunt's house....well, my Uncle Terry, who is a computer genius, mentioned that the USB ports in front are merely for convenience, and that there were two in the back of my computer. I swear, I muttered the curse word of all curse words (Only I didn't say fudge...) and low and behold, I coulda been printing all along!!! Slap my mouth and color me purple. Well well well. I didn't know whether to drop dead or dance!! So all is good again, we got the part for my oven (did I mention that it broke?) and we have a new and running dishwasher. Hot diggity!!!

Here is one more thing, I'm just going to add it in, its a shadow box type wall thingy (that's the technical definition LOL) that I painted and jazzed up. It started life brown, and here it is Frostings and Sparkled

Well, I am off to read some blogs, it feels so good to be back!!