Saturday, February 2, 2008

Time flies!

I usually don't go this long without a post, but our house is on the market, and we've just had so much to do! We also put an offer on another house, (which they accepted) contingent on the sale of our house. I haven't really been able to work on my art, because (shhhh...looks around) I sometimes get a bit messy

I am running outside twice a day, hiding in Gas station bathrooms to shake a little glitter about, and leave a trail of sprinkles behind me at the mall...anything to feed my addiction to sparkley stuff. Its a deep, shameful family can see the glitter under my fingernails, and I even have some on my face sometimes...its a lonely road, I tell ya.

Anyway, I will be back to creating soon, and here are some pictures of the house we're buying...its on an acre, with its own pond (which they use for ice skating!) We've always lived on a small city lot, so this will be like having our own country LOL

Here is the front

The Kitchen


and the pond

I quite like the bar as well

And this is the house that we live in now:

Here is my current kitchen:

and my living room: