Monday, May 7, 2007

Monday's Musings

I won!! Shannon, over at Paint Mine Pink (under Awesome blogs over there -> ) had a giveaway for her cutie little candies, they are just precious, I'm so excited :D Thanks again, Shann!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, and keeping in tradition, the party was at my house, and I did all the work LOL
I had wandered over to The Feathered Nest (also under Awesome Blogs over there) and Dawn had posted a Sour Cream Pound Cake recipe. It had to be meant to be, just in time for the birthday!! I made it, and not only was it DELICIOUS, but also there was not a single crumb left!

There's my mom with her cake, and her cupcakes (which everyone , and I mean EVERYONE asked whether they were real! Like I'd make my mom fake cupcakes *insert raspberries*

Thanks Dawn, for your yummy recipe!!

There are 2 days left if anyone would like to join the Cupcake Swap! We have a pretty good group going already! I'll send you all your partner's info by Friday.
I can't wait to see pictures!!

Getting into cupcake spirit (yeah, its really hard LOL) I made this today