Thursday, June 5, 2008

Face Painting and Parties!

Sure is tough to be a working girl!! Between work, and planning my boys' Graduation and First Communion parties, and now face painting at the school carnival, I am a busy girl!

This Sunday we are having the party, my son Aidan is graduating from 8th Grade, and my son Liam made his First Communion. One big party is much easier than having two. Aidan is excited, because he is getting a new guitar, and he will be playing at his party with my brother Tim's band. How cool is that!!

Last night was the first night of the school Carnival, and I face painted for a couple of hours, which I will do again tonight, and tomorrow. The kids are so cute, and they are so delighted to see a bit of fanciful splendor on their little cheeks.

Its going to be a busy busy weekend, but hopefully lots of fun too. Our internet and phone have been out for the last five days, and Comcast came out yesterday (for the second time in a month!!) and so far, so good...if I haven't responded to any emails, that is why, and I am back up and running (fingers crossed!!)

Have a great weekend, blogland!