Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I think I need a new camera

Either I have a really crappy camera, or I really stink at taking pictures! Probably both, truth be told. I've finished 2 pieces that I've been working on, and my pictures just arent cutting it for me :( They don't show the detail. It is snowing outside, so I can't shoot outdoors today. My brother's GF is a photographer, and she is going to take some lovely photos for me. Until then mine will have to do.
The first one is a sweet lady who has just finished baking her meringues. She turned out to be a combination of June Cleaver and my Grandma, which is a good thing! Here's a peek

Next we have my shy little Cupcaker. She is dear to my heart, because cupcakes are my favorite thing to create, and she is the keeper of the cupcakes. She is just so joyful that she has these goodies around her!

I am also working on another Cupcaker, and a few other goodies. I am just having so much fun. We are supposed to have a big thaw this week, and it will be sheer magic to be ouside again, working in my studio *YIPPEE!!!!*