Thursday, February 8, 2007

Thursday Time

Today Annalise (dd) and I made place cards/party favors for next week, it was a mighty mess of glitter and paper, but we managed to make it through LOL They turned out cute, and she's happy with them. Every day she asks me "how many more days?" :D

My friend Donna and I are doing the art thing together, we started making our cupcakes a while back, and it was great when we were able to work outside, can't wait to get back out there!!

Here are a couple of our creations, they are ornaments and I actually have them hanging all over my house. We've tried all different materials, and pretty much found the ones that we like best. The hilarious part is that we both have husbands and kids who now every time we bake, ask first "Can we eat this, or is it fake?" LOL Usually the better it looks, the more likely that its fake. I have a garage full of chocolates and petit fours, and my actual food never looks as good as the stuff we can add acrylic too :)

While we were creating at the table today, my older boys were listening to music. They really like SUM 41, and my 6 year old (Liam) has been picking up some of their taste. He was lip synching tonight, and the faces that he was making were hilarious, He looked like a little toothless James Hetfield ROFL DH plays the drums, and the three boys are into guitar, but Liam is quite an artist, esp. for his age. He is really shy, but when he gets a little older, he will definatley be taking drawing lessons.