Monday, June 4, 2007

Got the most WONDERFUL gift today!

My swap partner, Mica of Garboodles Soup, is such a gifted, talented, amazing woman!! I was so excited to see a package on my doorstep. Annalise (DD) asked if it was for her, and I had to tell her that this one was all mine ;)

I literally gasped when I saw the magnificent little cupcake person! The detail is exquisite, and it is just so completely perfect. The little face is out of this world. I cannot say enough about it. Even my sons, who are usually not interested, were amazed! Thank you so much Mica, I feel like I completely lucked out. I don't think mine is going to be a match for yours, but I hope that you like it. You are fabulous!

Also, the cutest cupcake candle, I honestly have been looking for one of these, and have a look, its just so cute!

Thanks, Mica!!