Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lovely little Girls

My lovely cousin Liz (from Elizabeth Gwen Originals) is in town. It is always a treat to see her and Terry, and Gabe, Briana and Lorelai. They live pretty far from us at the moment, and we miss them so much.

Liz is the most talented sewer that I have ever met. She can take a pile of fabric, and turn it into something magical. She handmade these lovely twirl skirts, worn in the pictures by cousins Lorelai, Kailey, and Annalise. They spun furiously, making the lovely fabric billow around them, and admiring each other (while secretly admiring themselves) as little girls will do ;)

They really hammed it up for their "photo shoot" and it is just so sweet to see another generation of our family enjoying each others' company as the previous generations have done.

Liz also made me this absolutely gorgeous purse. Pictures do not do it justice, and it is truly magnificent. I have gotten so many compliments on it already, I really need to keep her card handy, so that I can give it out! She just really does the most amazing work. Her new store has just opened too, its called, and there is a link up there with my favorite shops :D