Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh my Goodies!! Easter Basket Swap

Today I recieved the lovliest Easter Basket from my swap partner, Dolly and it was loaded with easter goodness! I made sure to open it while the kids were occupied, because otherwise, I may not have gotten to take any pictures LOL

The basket itself has the cutest yellow flowers all over it, and it is positively darling!! Dolly made this gorgeous, scrumptious easter art, which is going on my wall, it is just the sweetest ever bunny girl, and my daughter already tried to make off with it...She also included a chipboard book, which I have been meaning to buy, so its like she read my mind :D :D

These gorgeous handmade tags made me giddy, they are so darling, and sparkley, and girly!! Love them to bits, and the candles made the whole box smell soooo good!!

She even wrapped the candies in the prettiest paper, with a delicate paper flower on the front of each one, and a sparkley little center. Too cute!! And the chocolate bunny was wrapped in vintage wallpaper, with the cutest paper trim over it, just exquisite. Love it to bits, Dolly, thank you SOOOOO much!!!!!!

And thanks to my pal Genevieve for hosting such a fun and wonderful swap!!!!

I posted a preview of the goodies that I made for Dolly, and here are the big piccies, LOL Here is the little sugared bunny, in his decorated basket/box

Here is the shadow box, so much fun to make!

Unfortunatley, I didn't take pictures of the basket I sent, I had strep throat and an ear infection, so I was in a hurry to mail it when I got better. I hope she likes it!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Received a goodie in the mail! And swapping...

There was fanfare...paparazzi all over my lawn, and very handsome young men trying to get a look in my mailbox. At her.
The "it" girl, the toast of the town, Miss BETSY! Isn't she gorgeous in her Hollywood finery? Brushing past all of the hoopla, I got her safely into my house, where she is resting happily and sipping a dirty martini. She seems relieved.

Seriously, she is just darling. Sadie Lou did a wonderful job, she is as cute as a button and I just love her!!
Thanks, Sadie Lou :D

I'd also like to welcome a new friend to blogland, Alecia is having a lovely spring giveaway!! Stop by and say hello, she has an adorable blog :)

I've been finishing up my goodies for The Easter Basket Swap, here is a sneak preview of the handmade part that I have been having the best best time working on.

Sparkles to all!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Awarded and Tagged, how sweet!!!!

I made this yesterday, along with a few things for my swap partner Dolly from From My Cherry Heart but I can't show those yet...they're a suprise :)

While visiting Genevieve's *aka* Bella Enchanted blog, I was happily bestowed upon the You Make My Day award...awwww!!! I thought that was so very nice, Genevieve is hosting the Easter Basket swap, and has lots of great stuff on her blog, thanks Gen!!!

In return, I would like to award (and if you've already gotten one, just know that you're double loved!):

Lori, Miss Faerie Window whom I adore, she is a dynamo and a fab artist, and I don't know how she finds time for all that she does!

Shannon Miss Paint Mine Pink who is my australian sister, and who is about to launch her new online store!

Michelle, Miss Mosaic Queen who is a darling, and hands down, the most AMAZING Mosaic Artist!

Ele, A Bit of Pink Heaven So sweet, and her blog and shop sends me into a frenzied pink delight! Eye candy galore, and such a sweetie too

Sadie Lou, Craftily Ever After from whom I just recieved my first Betsy ( I will post a picture) She makes the most darling goodies!!!

Jackie, Fat Jak Originals who is such a talented artist, a fellow Chicagoan, and visiting her blog makes my day!

Jenn, of Noodle and Lou who's art makes me want to own every single piece. When we move, that is the first thing I'm going to buy, she is just lovely!

Mere, These are the Days As sweet as can be, and a blog full of fantasticness!!

Karin at Creative Chaos who not only has gorgeous eye candy on her blog, but her writing has tested my bladder control on more than one occassion, so funny!!

Last but not least, Natasha Burns who not only is the sweetest person in blogland, but her site always has new goodies, sparkley bling, and so much eye candy, I am in awe!!

Also, I've been tagged by the wonderful Miss Rowan Willow, who is another amazing artist that I was lucky enough to find through One World One Heart, for 7 weird and random things...I'm totally weird and random, so this should be easy LOL...

1. I took improv classes at Second City...we rolled around on the floor, acted like chickens, played games, and put on a few shows! It was the best time I ever had, and our troop was called Mud for your Turtle :D

2. I once incited a riot, and got expelled from school. Great fun!

3. I have 9 half and step siblings, but technically am an only child. (Not nearly as Jerry Springer as it sounds, just expensive around the holidays LOL)

4. I love show tunes, my favorite word is fabulous, I love shoes, glitter, pink and I swear that I am a gay man trapped in a woman's body LOL

5. I once met John Cusack at a U2 concert. I was 14, and he was sitting in the seat in front of me. He kept turning around saying "I know I can make you smile!" When I saw "Say Anything" I almost died! That's the guy from the U2 Concert!!

6. When I was in 6th grade I had to skip in the door during a play. I fell flat on my face!

7. I wish big hair was still in style. It was so easy!

OK, I tag everyone from above that makes my day, unless you've already played.
Smoochies to all, think pink and sparkle!