Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A week of Strep Throat

Three of my four kids and I are just getting over strep. Its been a long week. I haven't managed to get anything done, but everyone is back to school tomorrow. I hate when they're sick, especially in the winter. We've been stuck inside for way too long, can't wait to get everyone back outside, and to be able to go to the park again! We are all getting on each other's nerves being cooped up, especially with the 5 and 6 yr old, they have so much energy and they need to be able to run. Come on, Spring!!

Tomorrow is March 1, the start of the South Side St. Paddy's month. Everyone in my neighborhood (South Side of Chicago) is Irish, and they get to be twice as irish about this time of year. Our parade is one of the biggest in the USA and it started out as just a couple of floats. The entire South side (and even the North Siders) come out (except me!) I know, I stink LOL

I know my kids though, and by the time we found parking and walked the 8 blocks to the parade, they would be crying to go home. I don't understand the draw of standing outside FREEZING brrrrrr especially since there are so many drunken adults, its hard to see anything. We usually have a few people over and play board games, and have Corn Beef & Cabbage, way more fun!! (Except the corn beef part, blecchh) LOL

I do have to admit though, I LOVE Irish Music. When I was forced to listen to it as a kid, I couldn't stand it, but somewhere along the line, I guess it grew on me. We even went to see an Irish band last week, The Larkin Brothers. They are in their 20's and 30's and they play traditional irish music, plus some of their own. They are soooo good :D We've seen them like 11 or so times, if you ever have the chance to see them (and you like Irish music) they are so fun. They are also very entertaining, they're like a bunch of lunatics on the stage, great fun. My kids even like them. My three boys are really into the guitar :)

I have no pictures to share today, need to get to work! Great day to all in blogland!