Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trying to inspire myself

Time has been so limited, and I have not been creating nearly enough. I thought if I dug out some pictures of past goodies to remind myself that I need to get back into the groove. Art isn't a luxury, its a necessity, just like brushing your teeth, or doing laundry.
I'm entering a show in November, so my goal is going to be to create at least two new things a week, until then. Starting now :)

Also, I recieved the most wonderful suprise in the mail the other day from the adorable Laura, of Orange Kitchen fame. The absolute CUTEST magnet and post cards, and I have had a bit of overtime this week, so I've not gotten to share, but they are worth the wait, I assure you!! If you haven't been to Laura's blog yet, I encourage you to go, she makes the most whimsical (yes, I said it) wallets, and always has great recipes to share, plus her writing is so beautiful, that even if she said nothing, it would still be enjoyable to read! Pictures soming soon, and huge thanks to Laura!!