Monday, October 22, 2007

The one where I'm SO glad to be back!

It is so nice to be sitting at the computer with a cup of coffee! My little monkeys have been taking turns being sick (and staying home from They were then off Friday for Teacher Institute, so I haven't had any computer time. Its great to be back, and have a couple of hours to myself again!

I've been just dying to blog about this...A friend told me about this new shop that opened in our neighborhood. She said that I would love it, and to check it out, that the stuff that they carry reminded her of my art. I walked in, and WOW, I wanted to live there. It is called The Hawk and the Butterfly and it is on west 111th street and Fairfield (if anyone out there is from Chicago/Mt Greenwood/Beverly.) They carry lots of gorgeous folk art, tables and tables of Bethany Lowe designs, lots of handmade goodies, and fantastic jewelry. I must have stayed for an hour, carefully going over every piece.

I first found this little crow, just so cute and wonderful (Joanna Parker...of course it's wonderful!) I greedily snatched it up to purchase, and then was struck by this adorable bunny. It was just the cutest, I had to have it, and when I turned the tag over, I was DELIGHTED to see the words...HipHopJingleBoo!! Of course I bought it, and I just luuuuuuuurve it!!

I did manage to get a little work done as well, and mailed out a few packages, here are my ladies Arden, Heloise, and Mathilde. They will make their debut at the Holiday ArtShow in Bucktown. Can't wait!