Friday, February 29, 2008

The one where I lock myself inside!

I'm off today and I am secretly lifting my no art ban!! I am dying to make something, and as long as I get it all swept up and put away before the real estate agent comes over...its our little secret *wink wink* Now don't rat me out, please!

I went to my favorite thrift store last night, they are open until 9 on Thursdays, and got these fantastic baubles, only 75c for the whole bag! They have what they call a junk drawer, and its only avaliable on Thursday evenings, it was such fun to look through...

I found these little cuties too, and plan to put them to good use.

So today I will not answer the phone, I'm locking my doors, I'm pulling out the glitter, and having a ball. Funny how when you do something everyday, you tend to take it for granted, and then when you don't get to do it for a week or two, you realize how important it is ("you" meaning "me" and "it" meaning "art")

Last but not Cupcake Girl :D :D :D Annalise

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The one with the Goodies!

I was hoping to get here sooner to post these pictures of my awesome fabulous treasures, but life got in the way for the last two days...
Friday was "one of those days" It was my day off (always a lovely thing!) and I was hoping to spend a little time creating (we had no showings on Fiday!), but it wasn't meant to be. Murphy's Law was in full effect that day...I was feeling a bit down by 9:00 am, and then the whole day turned around with the arrival of the days mail! Yippee!!

I got my lovely, wonderful, beautiful bunny from Lemoncholy aka the talented and fabulous Kecia. This little fella is amazing, and my pictures certainly don't do him justice, as I am using my old camera at the moment (don't ask, we're on a happiness roll!) He is just the sweetest guy, in his little basket, with his chick friend at the bottom, thank you so so so much, Kecia!! He just made me smile, I was just giddy over his cuteness!

I also got a fantastic package from the amazing Acaya the queen of the quill, and was positively blown away by the delicate star ornaments, so shiny from the side, and all made from paper! Acaya, they are so so lovely and delicate, I love them :)

My package for the lovely and patient Rowan WIllow will go out first thing in the morning, and I hope that it doesn't dissappoint.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

AND...the Winner is...

The lovely and talented ROWAN WILLOW!!! Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who entered!!

Thanks too, to the AMAZING Lisa for this unbelieveable brain child of hers. The concept is beautiful, and the most wonderful part is finding so many awesome blogs. Lisa, you absolutely rock, girl

Happy Valentine's Day to All!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

One World One Heart Giveaway!

Better late than never!! I am just not online as much as I have been, because of all the house showings, and I almost missed this!!! I know there are only a few days, but I was lucky to be a part of this last year, and I would be honored to do it again. I have been browsing, and am just blown away by how this has blossomed! Lisa's vision was indeed a wonderful one. Please leave a comment, for the chance to win my mixed media cupcake, and I will be sure to stop by yours as well!.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Time flies!

I usually don't go this long without a post, but our house is on the market, and we've just had so much to do! We also put an offer on another house, (which they accepted) contingent on the sale of our house. I haven't really been able to work on my art, because (shhhh...looks around) I sometimes get a bit messy

I am running outside twice a day, hiding in Gas station bathrooms to shake a little glitter about, and leave a trail of sprinkles behind me at the mall...anything to feed my addiction to sparkley stuff. Its a deep, shameful family can see the glitter under my fingernails, and I even have some on my face sometimes...its a lonely road, I tell ya.

Anyway, I will be back to creating soon, and here are some pictures of the house we're buying...its on an acre, with its own pond (which they use for ice skating!) We've always lived on a small city lot, so this will be like having our own country LOL

Here is the front

The Kitchen


and the pond

I quite like the bar as well

And this is the house that we live in now:

Here is my current kitchen:

and my living room: