Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trying to inspire myself

Time has been so limited, and I have not been creating nearly enough. I thought if I dug out some pictures of past goodies to remind myself that I need to get back into the groove. Art isn't a luxury, its a necessity, just like brushing your teeth, or doing laundry.
I'm entering a show in November, so my goal is going to be to create at least two new things a week, until then. Starting now :)

Also, I recieved the most wonderful suprise in the mail the other day from the adorable Laura, of Orange Kitchen fame. The absolute CUTEST magnet and post cards, and I have had a bit of overtime this week, so I've not gotten to share, but they are worth the wait, I assure you!! If you haven't been to Laura's blog yet, I encourage you to go, she makes the most whimsical (yes, I said it) wallets, and always has great recipes to share, plus her writing is so beautiful, that even if she said nothing, it would still be enjoyable to read! Pictures soming soon, and huge thanks to Laura!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lots of great Junque!

The Junque in my Trunque swap was great fun! I swear, since I've started working part time, swaps are one of the only ways that I can force myself to be creative. Friday is supposed to be "Art Day" as its my day off, but I don't seem to have it to myself too often.

The darling Elizabeth was my partner, and this was her first swap! I feel very fortunate to have been her partner, because look at all of the goodies that she sent me!
The box was so pretty that I was afraid to open it :D

It was HUGE too!! Love this girl!

Doesn't it look amazing!! Look at the cupcake, oooooh love it!!

Look at the cute little tin, and wow, there is just so much great stuff in here! The most darling vintage pink gloves, fabulous buttons, adorable cupcake picks...

The teapot box just bowled me over, it is the cutest little thing I've ever seen!!

Thank you so so so much, Elizabeth, I just adore it, and you really went all out. Beautiful stuff!!!

On another note, another Elizabeth, who happens to be my darlingest dearest cousin, has had the baby!!!!!!!! YAY, and welcome to the world, gorgeous Connor!!!!!!

I'm not going to give any details or show the picture, because I know Liz will want to do that herself (and he is supersupersupercute!!!!) but I know many of you have been waiting for news, and Mommy and baby are well!! I'm dying to talk to her, and I know she'll post a pic as soon as she gets a chance. Yay, Liz and baby Connor!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Swappin' is done!

Just mailed out a package to my lovely swap partner Tangee we were paired in Artsymama's Vintage Party Swap. I had so much fun making her goodies!! Also, have one package to send out tomorrow to Elizabeth, my partner in Heather's Junque in your Trunque swap. I recieved my box from Elizabeth already, and it made me squeal and clap, so fantastic!!!!!! I have pictures that I will post hopefully tonight, fab stuff!!

We also have a science project (another one!) that we started yesterday, we are doing the "growing crystals out of charcoal" expirament. We started it yesterday, and they're already growing!

Anyway, must dash, but I will have pics to post, and I have been working on some new cuppies for my shop, it is getting pretty empty in there, so I really need to fill it up with some goodies. Love to all!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I meant to post this a couple of days ago!!

I recieved the loveliest package on Friday from my fantastic swap partner, Tangee but I have been swamped, just crazy busy this weekend, and I didn't have the chance. Tangee was my partner for Artsymama's Vintage Party Swap, and she is such a doll! I am always amazed at these swaps, I've participated in quite a few, and I have yet to get a package that disappoints! It's almost like Tangee knew me, and I am so lucky to have her as a partner.
Check out these adorable sachets that she made! They smell soooo good and they are just so cute!!

This wreath of roses, OMG, so me!!!

The tiny cupcakes...the vintage postcard, and the supercute tin...Opening this package was totally an oooh and ahhhh moment!

Last, but certainly not least, an adorable tag, and (Prepare to be jealous) a hand made bracelet!! So girly, lovely, and just jaw droppingly gorgeous. Love it all, and just WOW!!

I am not as on the ball as Tangee, but am aaalmost finished with her package. This has been so much fun!! Thanks to Artsymama for hosting such a great swap :D