Monday, December 10, 2007

The most fun Holiday ArtShow!

This weekend was the show in Chicago, the Bucktown Holiday ArtShow, and it was just so much fun!! I will definately do this show again, and I am going to try for the Renegade Show next year as well. I met so many lovely people, and the artwork and goodies there were just out of this world. Here are a couple of photos of my booth

My cupcakes were a big seller, I came home with just a couple dozen left, and I had also made some tiny ones, and sold out! I am going to list what I have left on etsy today, and make some room in my studio for my valentine things.

Pat's cousin Carmel and my brother's girlfriend Mary Ann both helped me this weekend, they are just the most wonderful friends that anyone could ask for. These are my two angels

I even got the hubby to come in for a little bit, and help out
Here we are

Last but not least, we met a lovely fellow named Alex who was there with his wife
Inna's paintings, photos cannot do this work justice. The color in her work needs to be seen to be believed, she has such a sparkle and shine in addition to the unbelievably beautful subjects. I honestly cannot tell you how breathtaking these pieces were!! This is one of my favorites
Honestly, you have to see her work in person, it is just glorious!

Hope everone had a wonderful weekend!