Friday, February 2, 2007

Well, we're officially on board at Glitter and Grunge! That is so exciting, because I am in awe of the other artist's work on there!!!!!

Today my youngest is at school, and I need to make her birthday party invites before she gets home. She would like to have a princess party, and she is just like her mother, a little over the top, so I'm going to look around and see what kind of things I can transform (cheaply!) into a Magical Kingdom.

On her first birthday, four years ago, we had a formal tea. I know nobody has formal teas, but I have three boys, and when I finally got my girl, I wanted sparkles, and lace, and ribbons, and all that cool girly stuff. She wore this awesome little pink tulle dress, and I found a bunch of top hats at the dollar store. Everyone really got into it, our blue collar Grandpa's put on fancy suits for their favorite Princess, and all the ladies donned our formalest (ROFL is that a word?) bridesmaids gowns (the foofier the better!) We had tea pots and cups and saucers all over the house for decoration, and we draped some lace panel curtains around the place.

We made her a pink and white castle cake, and the turrets were frosted ice cream cones, and the birthday girl grabbed one right off the cake :) Gosh, I can't believe it goes by so fast!!

This year, we will be having around 14 kids, all 5 and under, and I have to think of some activities. We might make wands and swords...(with tons of glitter of course!) I told my hubby last night that Annalise wanted to have a party. He seemed all for it when he realized that he would be at work during the kids' party. (Wimp!)