Sunday, September 2, 2007

You've got to check out this Etsy Store

(First, Annalise pulled the winning name, and the Halloween cupcake goes to Mary Timme, from Bead Fluff :D :D Thanks a million, everyone!!! :D :D)

While browsing (which I spend WAYYYY too much time doing) I happened across an artist that I've not seen before, and oh my goodness her stuff is just so fantastic!! I had to write to her and ask if I could blog about her, and she said yes, so here we go! Her shop is (my links never work, sorry) and she just does the most imaginative stuff, I was instantly smitten!

Her work speaks for itself, so here are a few of my favorites:

Aren't they just the most precious? I love the freedom that she expresses, you can just imagine time standing still for her while she gets lost in her work, creating these lovely pieces. Like so many of us, she really enjoys working, creating, and getting her hands mucky. The best gift that we can have as artists (I think) is to have something wonderful come out from doing something that we just love, and when it is obvious to someone else's eye as well, it is a magical thing indeed.

Do check out her etsy, its a real treat!