Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Finding my Mojo

Today was going to be one of those rare days that I get to work while the kids are at school, ah bliss! Happy joy joy!! Then it rained, and in walks my hunny and wrecks it all LOL

He got rained out, but he cleaned the carpets upstairs and brought me a Dunkin Donuts Coffee, so I let him stay.

I got to go thrifting last night, what a great time! I found some enchanting little treasures, which I will post later on. I even found a pair of American Girl pj's for $5, and some little levi's for my son for $4. Can't beat that!

You know its funny, my little brain can think of all of these things to occupy myself, and all of these things that I can't wait to blog about, and then when I'm actually here, zip. Zilch. Nada. I know there's something going on upstairs, I just can't seem to find it LOL