Sunday, April 29, 2007

Don't forget to drop by Shann's blog. She is over there under Awesome Blogs, as Paint Mine Pink, she is hosting a great goodie giveaway!

Also, tune in soon, for a SWAP! Cupcake Swap that is!!

Finally we're enjoying some good weather! We had our opening day baseball parade yesterday, and my son Brendan's first game of the year. He pitched, and played wonderfully!

My cousins were supposed to come over yesterday evening and I had to cancel. It would have been so great, I was really looking forward to it, but then hubby caught the darn strep that we've been passing to each other. All six of us are now on medicine, and we can hopefully knock this out! We've been sick off and on since Easter, and none of us are particularly nice people when we don't feel well.

My cousins are so much fun, we are of the same breed, and that is...

BOARD GAME JUNKIES!!! Especially those of the Trivia Variety. I'm never competitive until I get around my cousin Tim, and then all bets are off ;) He brings out the worst in me! And I love it!!

Little known fun fact about me (as if the entire internet is just crawling with people who know any facts about me, let alone fun ones *heehee*)- I took an art class in college in Two Dimensional Design. The teacher had us create a board game as our final exam, and I created "Brady Bunch Trivia" complete with 1500 questions. I got an "A" and my teacher wanted to come over and play it with his girlfriend :D

I even spoke to Sherwood Schwartz (the executive producer), and his son Ross, about getting it made into an actual game, but Mr. Schwartz (and what a sweetie he was) said that Paramount now holds all the rights to anything Brady. If anyone is ever up for a game though, come on over!! :D And if you think you can stump me with any Brady questions, well just give it a try! :D :D

Ooh, yeah...funny story. I had put in some calls to the Schwartz's about the game, figuring I'd never hear anything. A couple of months later, the phone rang, and it was Ross. I tried to remain composed, but I was SO excited. Anyway, he no sooner tells me who he is, than my son Brendan (3 years old at the time) projectile VOMITS across the kitchen! I was holding Bren's head over the garbage can, trying to sound professional...Ah, kids...gotta love 'em!