Monday, January 22, 2007

Well here I am! I just put some of my creations in my first ever online store (Etsy). I love making anything partyish and festive. Frosting, confetti, streamers, and lots of it, and the floofier, the better. Add in some glitter, and I'm over the moon ~~@~~

I've been an artist forever, but since I had kids I have just been doing portraits at Christmastime, and teaching a few children's art classes in my home. Next year, the youngest goes off to Kindergarten. I have waited so long for this, I want to create, spend time in my studio, and just enjoy making things. I don't want riches or fame (well, I guess I could be persuaded) but to be able to do what I love and stay afloat would be bliss. My friend Donna and I have been working on some stuff, that we hope to get out into some kind of market by or before September. I think she is of the same frame of mind too, about the rich and famous thing, LOL. It would be just so lovely to have a business though, that was created from a passion, and not just about money.

Can't wait to look around here!

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Donna O'Brien said...

Hi Colleen, I went all the way to the beginning to see how it all began. Lots of fun going on- thanks for the peek and the post you left. I'll visit often.