Sunday, March 18, 2007

Look what I found!

This is the kind of weekend I need to have more often. Dh and I went to Frankfort where they have the coolest little town square, with antique stores, general stores, tea shops, and super sweet old homes, with the wrap around white porches. I found the little book there, I loved the cover, and I got it for just $9.00 I looked it up online, and it was published in 1900. The illustrations are just so endearing, it was a great find. I want to go back, they had this pair of antique Victorian Shoes (they were SO narrow!!) and I wanted them, but I didn't get them. So many goodies waiting for the right person to find them!!

We also went to the Pickwick Society Tea Room

and had tea and quiche, it was so adorable, shabby chic decor, and we had the table in the sunroom, it was like being on vacation :D :D

Today I went to the Mole Hole, a WONDERFUL gift shop in Orland Park, where I got the Miss Understood, and the cute little sugar angel. I was supposed to be at a craft fair, but the craft fairs are all the same old stuff that they've had for the last 15 years. The gift shop was perfect and the owner was a gem, she was knowledgeable about all of her artists, and I may have plugged a few of you LOL She was copying down websites before I left.

My last accomplishment for the weekend was cleaning out my studio (aka the garage) I could almost go back out and work, a few more days of nice weather, and I don't have to commandeer the kitchen anymore. I may even let the kids out of the closets now.

I have it on good authority that the ladies at Stevens Exhibits are reading my blog. My mom and my Aunt are amoung that group, so unfortunatley, the Artist's Gone Wild series will henceforth cease and desist. So sorry to those whose videos haven't been shown yet :(


Peta said...

What a fantastic find that book is!

mosaic queen said...

What a fun day!! I Love little shops like the one you visited. I'm glad you had a wonderful day and saddened over missing the "video". :-)

Sam I Am said...

WOW!! What great finds!!!!!! :)

Laume said...

Artists Gone Wild? But now have been tamed? Ah shucks, sounds like it would have been a hoot. My mom reads my blog but she already knows I'm... er... known to color outside the lines, shall we say - no surprising her!
Anyway, hi. Just wandering in from Artsy Mama's tea party. Nice to meetcha.