Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I am so behind!

I want to thank everyone who joined the cupcake swap!!! I had a marvy time making goodies to share, and there are already some pictures on the flickr site, which are aweome!!!! If you have not yet mailed your swap out, please let me know. I promise I won't bite you LOL I just don't want anyone to get left out, and I know things come up, so please let me know :D :D :D

Also, I need to thank SHANNON!!! from Paint Mine Pink. Shannon is my long lost Australian sister (only she's much prettier) I read her blog, and look at her photos, and I swear she is my soulmate! She sent me these absolutely adorable candies, which look just as cute as they can be!! My daughter was also excited by the goodies, and was a bit sad to learn that they weren't real LOL

Thank you so much Shannon, you totally made our day!!!!!!! Lots of speedy healing wishes to Sam! It sounds like you two are going to have a great time together in the meantime :)


Elizabeth Gwen Originals said...

Colleen, everytime I visit yopur blog I get hungry, LOL. I am so excited to see you guys too! The kids of course are extra excited. Hopefully it will be warm and sunny so we can swim in the pool!


awwwwww chickie you are da bomb.
Luvs ya heaps and yep we are sisters for sure!!!!
keep on Cupcakin'

Much Hugs,
Shann xxxooo

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hello, and thanks for visiting my blog..your blod looks de-lish.. will add to my growing list of eye candy! hoo! on missing out on the cupcake swap..happy to have you on the bunny swap,just email for info, my addy is on my blog..

Sam I Am said...

how fun!!

Lori said...

i see you are doing the bunny swap also!! hooray!!
congrats on your cupcake swap, the pics on flickr are wonderful!!

katydiddy said...

Just came across your blog! When I began my love of cupcakes I had no idea how many friends I would find. Great blog!

Mica said...

Colleen, don'y worry your package is on it's way....I have had a hard couple weeks, back and forth at docs. and my husband fell ill...went to docs. for a proceedure, now he is home recooperating until next week. But your cupcake goodness has not been forgotten.


purple cucumbers folk art said...

Hi darling,just passing threwwent for a long walk and yard selling,worked in tha garden and got some things on ebay under purple*cucumbers.I found a great artical and posted it on blong about altered are things with y'all?later xxoo

mosaic queen said...

Hello Miss Colleen!!! I've missed you!! My swap is late, but I let my swap partner know and I'm mailing it tomorrow. It's just been crazy around here. Anyway, glad to be back!! :-)

Peta said...

Shannon is one of my online friends too, a very talented girl!
Love those candies of hers, my kids tried to eat them!