Thursday, September 6, 2007

How FANTASTIC is this!!

While perusing the world that is blogland, I happened upon the blog of my very favorite artists in the world! Of course, I am talking about Stephen and Bryan from GLITTERVILLE!

Since I bought my first Glitterville piece at Mona Lisa in Palos Heights, I have been such a fan. Last year when they were featured in ME's Home Companion, I was so excited!! Their work is one of my greatest inspirations, and is just the thing when you are feeling down. One look at one of their yummy sparkles and you can't help but become giddy with joy!

When you look at their work, its as if the whole world is a wonderful, whimsical place. For a while, you get to be a child again, delighting in the fabulous colors, textures, and humor. Their work is truly a joy to behold, and I was just so thrilled to find their blog.


katydiddy said...

I love Glitterville too! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Love your new website! It's so cute!

Sweet Remembrance said...

I too love Glitterville, one of my favs!

Lori said...

i loved that article in home companion about glitterville...didn't you just want to go to that party? they are just loaded with whimsy!!!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

very cool! I will have to check it out :-)

amy h. said...

Thanks for sharing glitterville. I hadn't discovered them yet but they are fabulous. I joined a halloween hat swap and now I am inspired.