Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Its funny...I LOVE Halloween. I love black and orange. Black and purple. Green and purple. Green and orange...I love witches and pumpkins, and candycorn...and I adore Glitterville's Halloween goodies. Love it all!

A few days before Halloween though, I am done. My son Brendan has a birthday on Oct.25th, and we usually have a Halloween party of some sort to commemorate it. This year we had about 15 kids, ages 12-14, for pizza, movies, waaaaaaayy to much sugar, and about 5 of them slept over. I'm so ready to move on to Christmas!

In the spirit of Halloween though, here are some pics from the party and my LIam and Annalise is their costumes :)

Ooooh, yeah...this is my brother Terry's girlfriend MaryAnn. SHe went as an 80's girl, I just love her costume!