Saturday, February 2, 2008

Time flies!

I usually don't go this long without a post, but our house is on the market, and we've just had so much to do! We also put an offer on another house, (which they accepted) contingent on the sale of our house. I haven't really been able to work on my art, because (shhhh...looks around) I sometimes get a bit messy

I am running outside twice a day, hiding in Gas station bathrooms to shake a little glitter about, and leave a trail of sprinkles behind me at the mall...anything to feed my addiction to sparkley stuff. Its a deep, shameful family can see the glitter under my fingernails, and I even have some on my face sometimes...its a lonely road, I tell ya.

Anyway, I will be back to creating soon, and here are some pictures of the house we're buying...its on an acre, with its own pond (which they use for ice skating!) We've always lived on a small city lot, so this will be like having our own country LOL

Here is the front

The Kitchen


and the pond

I quite like the bar as well

And this is the house that we live in now:

Here is my current kitchen:

and my living room:



Scrappy Moments said...

Hope all goes smoothly with the House Transaction, You'll be Creating in No time. Will be looking forward to seeing what you Create Soon :)


Victorian Lady said...

Congrats on the new house! :)You'll be sreading glitter over there in no time!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Great news about your house. Shhhh, don't tell, but you're not the only one who's a bit messy in the craft room. :)

Lori said...

Sounds like a dream home! Luck you! I'm soooo tired of city life lately! Lori

Lori said...

good luck on selling your house!!! i am currently glittering enough for the both of us:)

A bird in the hand said...

I gave you an award. Pass it on if you want to. xoxoxo


Hi Colleen, congratulations on your new house. A whole acre, how wonderful! You'll be able to go out & glitter up the garden. Hope all goes well with your sale, it's a frazzling time, isn't it.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Good for you! Glad to her you'll have more space to spread the glitter love!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Good luck on selling your house! Love the pics of the new one. How pretty!

Monica said...

You are a riot girl!
Love the hiding in gas station bathrooms..haha!
Congrats on the new house, its beautiful :)

dime store daze said...

When is the skating party?
I wonder if you were to sprinkle glitter on the pond before it freezes would the glitter show in the ice when frozen? Yes I know it's a very profound ????
mucho congrats.


HA HA HA you make me laugh so hard my tummy hurts !
I thought i saw some news footage from overseas with this mad woman covered in glitter, foaming and glittering at the mouth and running from a gas station bathroom screaming "I NEED TO GLITTER"

LOL you go girl, you glitter where and when you can.

I love your new house AND your old house.....oh a pond...aww i luvs the sound of that so much.

Luv N Hugs To Ya Hunni Bunni


Mandii said...

Congrats on the house purchase!! Hoping that your house sells super fast and you can start living the country lifestyle! I love both your new place and your currents house!! Yummo!! I have to laugh at your secret gittler missions!! very funny! mands

Nen said...

just stopping by randomly! i like your blog! good luck with your new house!! it looks great... and the studio!!!... woohoo! i need one of those!!

Lori V said...

wishing you well on the sale of your house. I totally feel your need for glitter. I canNOT leave the house without glitter. I love it in every color in my hair on my skin on everything,

Enzie Shahmiri said...

I like to invite you to my One World~One Heart Giveaway of a drawing titled "Masquarade"

Colleen said...

wow...can I move with you?? Love the new space. What WILL you do with that new studio??

Flea Market Queen said...

Congrats on the new house...your current house is lovely too!
You will have so much room in the new one, good for you!

Lucy said...

Good luck with your big move--how exciting, your new house is lovely, love the yard! Your house now is beautiful as well :)

Sylvia Anderson said...

Good luck with the sale and the move! I hope it all goes smoothly for you....I hate moving, but love the excitment of decorating a new space! :)